Maple Products

Each year we make between 20 and 30 gallons of Maple Syrup so sales are on a first come first serve basis.
When we are out of product, we are out till next year. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

To place an order, please contact us via email or phone on the contact page.

We currently don’t have set hours at the Sugar House, but if you contact us we can set up a time that works for you to stop by and pick up some of our products, or we will ship as well. Additionally we attend several festivals and farmers markets in Northern Illinois¬†in the summer months so keep your eye out for us at your favorite spots!


– Maple Syrup –


  • 1.7 oz (Leaf Bottle) Maple Syrup $5.00
  • 3.4 oz Maple Syrup $6.00
  • 8 oz (1/2 Pint) Maple Syrup $8.00
  • 16 oz (1 Pint) Maple Syrup¬†$12.00
  • 32 oz (1 Quart) Maple Syrup $20.00


– Maple Products –


    • Maple Candy $3.00

Our Old Fashioned Maple Sugar Candy is made with nothing but our finest syrup. Nothing added just syrup cooked and then molded into the shape of maple leaves.

    • Maple Coated Pecans $3.00

Our Maple Coated Pecans are made of Delicious Pecans with our Maple Syrup.

    • Maple Soap $5.50

Our Maple Lane Soap is made by our Friends at the local Oregon Soap Shoppe.

      • Maple Lip Balm $3.50

Our Maple Lane Lip Balm is also made by our Friends at the Oregon Soap Shoppe.

    • Maple Dog Treats $0.10

Our Natural Dog Treats are just that, Natural. Lynnette wasn’t happy with the mass produced treats on the market so she went to the kitchen and started experimenting. Our family dog Mable was our taste tester and she gave the final recipe a big yes. They are made Whole Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats, Fresh Apples, Peanut Butter, Local Honey, Cinnamon and of course Maple Syrup.

    • Maple Cookie $1.50

Our Maple Frosted Sugar Cookies are an old family recipe. They are a light buttery cookie cut in the shape of a maple leaf and then topped with a Maple Butter frosting.

    • Maple Bread & Butter Pickles $5.00

Our Maple Bread and Butter pickles are made with heirloom variety cucumbers grown on the farm. We then can them just as your Grandma did but ours added Maple Syrup as the sweetener.

    • Maple Lane Homemade Bug Barn $10.00

Our bug Barns are made of sturdy wood and designed to give your little explorers years of use. The first ones we ever made have been in use for almost a decade and have been the home to countless creatures discovered on the farm.